Guinea Pig Freed From Printer

2011-01-12 08:42:39

Published on 2011-01-12 08:42:39

Strange as it may sound, a guinea pig got itself stuck in amongst printer ink cartridges this week.

A deer stuck in fencing, yes, a cat up a tree – we've all heard of that, but a guinea pig stuck in a printer? Well, it happened.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the little creature's owner turned up at a fire station in the north-eastern city of Gisborne carrying a printer with the furry beast tangled up inside.

"It wasn't injured or anything - it had just wriggled inside and got stuck," station officer Pat Hogan told the newspaper.

But the guinea pig's easy means of entry did not make for an altogether smooth rescue process – it took fire fighters half an hour to free the animal.

"We had to take the case off to get it out but when we started cutting the back off the printer it just shot out all by itself. The noise must have frightened it," Mr Hogan told the newspaper.

"It was one of the most unusual requests the station had ever had," the newspaper said.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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