Introducing Memjet The Fastest And Cheapest Printer

2011-01-14 08:47:37

Published on 2011-01-14 08:47:37

The makers of a new printer claim the machine fires out so much printer ink at such a speed that it is the fastest and cheapest printer on the market.

According to technology blog If It Prints, I'll Let You Know, it's all in the way the Memjet does its printing jobs.

The Memjet performs faster than a typical inkjet because its print head is as wide as the page it is printing on. Couple that with 70,000 microscopic chutes that eject ink all at once and you have one of the most efficient devices out there.

And while the printer may be fairly expensive when it goes on sale (the blog suggests around £350 as a starting price), users will benefit from cheaper ink – at about 3p per page, compared to 7p per page in laser or inkjets.

Memjet uses micro-electronic mechanical systems, or MEMS – which use page-wide heads and tiny nozzles. Similar technology has already been used in products like Nintendo Wii remotes and iPhones.

Another innovative printer recently has been the Eco Printer. It uses special ink that can be permanently erased when a UV light is passed over it, meaning users can reuse the same piece of paper time and time again.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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