Google Software Allows Users To Print From Anywhere

2011-01-26 08:40:15

Published on 2011-01-26 08:40:15

Search engine specialist Google has released a beta version of a print-from-anywhere service, which the company said it was working on last year.

Google's cloud printing system is designed to give smartphone users access to instant printers without the need for printer drivers to be installed on their handsets.

The new service was originally limited to beta testers, but it has now been made available to anyone with an Android smartphone running OS version 2.1, or an Apple iPhone running iOS 3 or above.

Speaking to PC Pro, Tyler Odean, from Google's cloud print team, said: "Imagine printing an important document from your smartphone on the way to work and finding the printout waiting for you when you walk in the door."

However, PC Pro's Nicole Kobie doubted the importance of the new cloud printing system.

"It's not entirely clear how useful the system could be, as the PC the printer is linked to must be left on and the user logged in," she said.

Recently,'s Earnest Hart claimed that wireless printing with an iPhone is an "outright chore".

Posted by Jamie Foster

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