Printer ink Sales Not Hit By Rise In Smartphone Use

2011-02-07 08:40:46

Published on 2011-02-07 08:40:46

The proliferation of smartphones and other portable computing devices has not had a significant impact on the amount of printer ink that people are buying.

According to printer industry expert Stephen Baker, ink sales have weathered the technological revolution well.

Speaking to the New York Times, Mr Baker said that the "amount of printing has not changed".

Mr Baker, who is vice-president of US printing specialist NPD, added: "Ink volume sales are stable. We've seen no drop-off in sales."

However, he did claim that the things people are printing certainly has changed.

He told the news provider that modern printers - and their printer ink - are being used to make hard copies of theatre tickets, downloaded recipes and even photographs.

Mr Baker said that this shift in behaviour was down to changes on the web - such as online shopping and social networking - as well as the ability to access the internet from practically anywhere.

According to, online spending in the UK rose dramatically in 2010.

Posted by Jamie Foster

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