Printer Problems Solved With Augmented Reality

2011-02-14 08:50:38

Published on 2011-02-14 08:50:38

Paper jams and problems replacing printer ink cartridges can be a time-consuming chore.

With the instructions that came with your beloved printer at the bottom of the recycling pile, it can be difficult to remember which combination of buttons to push when whipping out an empty ink cartridge.

Fortunately, Metaio has created a brilliant, high-tech solution to the age old printer cartridge replacement problem.

Its new augmented reality app allows you to point a trusty smartphone camera at your printer and hey presto a tutorial starts running, which shows you exactly how to get at those empty printer ink cartridges.

Commenting on the new technology, Venture Beat said: "The printer demo is significant for a couple of reasons: the application of mobile AR to a service and maintenance scenario, and the sophisticated technology used."

Recently, contributor Earnest Hart claimed that wireless printing still needs some tinkering if it is to become widely used.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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