Recycling Ink Cartridges Perfectly Possible

2011-02-15 09:11:59

Published on 2011-02-15 09:11:59

When those old ink cartridges you've been using finally run out, it might be tempting to simply throw them in the bin.

In fact, the reason toner cartridges often get sent straight to the dump may be because people just don't even realise they can be recycled.

Plus, do so and you'd be doing your environment a great disservice.

According to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette, the "possibilities are endless when it comes to finding items that can be recycled or resold".

Carol Philips, a waste co-ordinator, told the newspaper that the perception that only items like plastic bottles and old newspapers can be recycled should be dispelled.

"Going green and the increased cost of disposal has made more people want to recycle," she said.

"Some people get creative; I always encourage people who have items they don't need, like paint or old CDs, to call their local schools because art classes and theatre groups always need that type of stuff."

According to the ASP Business Directory, nearly all of a cartridge's components can be recycled.

Check out Internet-inks Ink Cartridge Recycling scheme.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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