Recycling IT In The UK Helps Developing Countries

2011-02-17 09:27:20

Published on 2011-02-17 09:27:20

UK firms that recycle their IT tools – like printers and ink cartridges – will be playing their part in helping the growth of developing countries.

According to the firm Ethical IT, recycling IT that is no longer in working use helps to play a part in strengthening the ecosystems of developing countries.

"We very much focus on UK recycling because then we've got a pretty good idea that it's not going to end up somewhere in the Third World polluting beaches," Andrew Boddington, the company's marketing director, said.

Recently, the European Parliament announced a plan to implement tighter rules for the European Union's increasing output of electronic and electrical equipment.

While Mr Boddington said some firms were reluctant to recycle their old IT due to security issues, he said firms like Ethical IT ensure that they do "various levels of data wiping".

"So yes, data security is an issue, but it's an issue we can very easily address," he said.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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