US Trucker In Ink Cartridges Spill

2011-03-11 08:28:52

Published on 2011-03-11 08:28:52

A US trucker had an unfortunate accident this week - sending a lorry-load of colour ink cartridges spilling over the highway.

Commuters in Peadbody, Massachusetts, were no doubt a little surprised to see the wash of colour as gallons of the magenta, yellow and cyan ink covered both carriageways on Route 128, the Daily Mail reports.

The accident happened when the driver lost control of the vehicle as he tried to negotiate a turn off the highway – smashing two of his trailers into the guardrail.

Luckily the man escaped with only minor injuries.

He had been transporting 16,000lbs of ink cartridges to a firm in Maine when it overturned yesterday morning.

Emergency services attended the scene, where it took several hours to get the lorry back on its wheels and the ink was cleared by using sand to soak it up.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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