NHS Trust Ink Cartridge Recycling Scheme Set Up For Save The Children

2011-08-04 08:52:42

Published on 2011-08-04 08:52:42

An ink cartridge recycling scheme has been set up by the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHS Trust) to raise funds for Save the Children.

The initiative was started with boxes being set up around the NHS Trust's headquarters, and the charity will receive £1 for every recyclable ink cartridge that is returned.

Money raised will be used to help vulnerable children in the UK and worldwide, and it will also reduce the amount of waste the NHS Trust sends to landfill sites.

Scott Darby, energy and environment officer at the NHS Trust, said: "Not only are we recycling and reducing waste but we’re also helping alleviate child poverty. This project has been led by members of staff and it’s down to their enthusiasm that we’ve taken part in this project."

Recently, residents in South Gloucestershire have been told that it will be easier for them to recycle products, like ink cartridges, because three centers across the district will be open for longer, as part of the council's Sort IT! campaign.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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