Artefact Announces Prototype Concept For SWYP Printer

2011-09-26 11:14:00

Published on 2011-09-26 11:14:00

Artefact has released an innovative concept to alter the way people use printer ink products in the future.

The Seattle-based design firm claims that the SWYP (See What You Print) system could be the printer of the future with its touchscreen interface.

According to Artefact, this product is only a prototype, but it would seamlessly connect to cameras, PCs, phones and tablets.

Following this, the device would then reveal on the screen what documents can be printed, which users can tap to select, before cropping the images with their finger and hitting the print button.

"The design of SWYP shows that even familiar devices that have stagnated in terms of innovation can still be dramatically improved by making them simple and delightful to use," said Rob Girling, co-founder and principal of Artefact.

Xerox recently released its DocuShare 6.6 system designed to give users greater control of their printer ink productions and costs.

Posted by Barry Ahsmore.

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