Nearly Half Of Home Office Workers Prefer Inkjet Printers

2011-11-14 09:10:52

Published on 2011-11-14 09:10:52

Nearly half of people who work from home prefer inkjet printers, according to a new poll.

PC Advisor asked its readers which type of printing device they would prefer to use in their home office – with 49 per cent of respondents going for the inkjet ink. The second most popular printer was the laser printer, with 31 per cent of the votes.

Some 14 per cent of respondents said they have both inkjet and laser printers in their home workspace. Just two per cent of respondents said they do not have a printer at home for work use – highlighting how important printers are to working life.

PC Advisor said the fact inkjet printers emerged as the most popular home printing device wasn't all that surprising. The magazine highlighted how versatile inkjets are – allowing households and small firms to print a large variety of content.

While there is a perception that inkjets carry high ink cartridges costs, PC Advisor said this isn't the case with top-quality equipment. "Good-quality modern inkjets enjoy lower ink costs and better efficiencies," it said.

"Some even have discrete toner cartridges - so if one runs out you don't have to replace them all."

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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