Disappearance Of Ink Named Top Printing Gripe

2011-12-19 09:37:13

Published on 2011-12-19 09:37:13

A survey carried out by PC Advisor has found that ink running out too quickly is the main gripe of 68 per cent of printer users.

According to the website, its survey suggests that there is now a growing awareness among users that due care and attention needs to be given to selecting the adequate ink cartridges and printing plans.

The website recommends that users think long-term about what printing needs they have to ensure that they don't end up paying over the odds during the course of their printer's lifetime.

Results from the survey could encourage users to ensure that they check the manufacturers' page yield estimate prior to purchasing the item if they wish to make savings on printer ink in the long run.

The second most common problem that users highlighted with their printer was having issues with printing from their computer while ten per cent were unhappy with the print sharpness produced by their home inkjet printers.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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