Federal Budget To Be Available In Ink And Online

2012-02-15 09:31:04

Published on 2012-02-15 09:31:04

For the first time ever, the Federal Budget in the US is due to appear in an online app while also being printed out for president Obama to deliver to the nation.

According to the Washington Post, from Monday morning when the president will release his administration's proposed spending plan, millions of smartphone users will be able to download it straight to their finger tips.

Users will be able to access both text and images in one of the budget's four volumes, as well as a 216-page book with the president’s budget message, his priorities and outlines of the spending plans for each federal agency.

Davita Vance-Cooks, the acting public printer, told the newspaper: "You’d be surprised how much public interest there is in the budget.

"It's not just Washington that’s interested. With all of the economic issues confronting us, the public cares a lot about this." President Obama is set to reveal his budget at 11.15 am next Monday.

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