Google Cloud Print Gets Update

2012-04-23 08:58:56

Published on 2012-04-23 08:58:56

Google's Cloud Print service has received an update, boosting the offering available to printer ink users.

The application was brought out in 2010 and enables smartphone and tablet users on the Android operating system to send jobs to a printer via the cloud.

In the latest version, support has been added for FedEx offices in the US, along with support for some of Canon's new printers.

Furthermore, if users have installed Chrome for Android Beta on their handheld and sign into their account, then they can select their device as a destination in the Cloud Print list.

The application will then send a PDF to the mobile which can then be opened up in the Chrome browser.

The Print to FedEx Office option will send the file to the company, with the user then being given a retrieval code. This can be entered in a Print & Go machine at a local FedEx Office store with the document being printed on demand.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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