Survey Suggests UK Workers Are Greener At Home

2012-05-15 08:47:06

Published on 2012-05-15 08:47:06

The green habits of British workers are abandoned when they leave their homes and travel to their office, research has suggested. has reported on a national study that was commissioned as part of Green Office Week, which found that people are more likely to put unused printer paper in the bin at work and leave windows open while the heating is on.

The study also indicated that staff often do not use ink environmentally, with a quarter of workers printing when it is unnecessary.

As well as this, four out of ten employees forget to use their company's recycling bin, while eight out of ten divide recyclable goods from non-recyclables when they are at home.

Gregg Corbett, marketing director at Avery and founder of Green Office Week, recently highlighted that British companies are losing money due to their unsatisfactory environmental practices.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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