Printer alerts when ink is low

2014-02-27 09:09:31

Published on 2014-02-27 09:09:31

How do you know when to replace the ink in your printer?


Many people that have machines from leading manufacturers, such as HP, Brother, Canon and Epson, find that they will be alerted when the ink cartridges get close to running out. This is often after a certain number of pages, ensuring that you have enough time to order a new set of colours before the cartridge is completely empty.


Ink cartridges that are designed and created by your printer's manufacturer normally include a chip, which sends an alert to the machine when the ink gets below a certain level - allowing you to ensure you have a new set. However, this is usually a estimate based on the number of pages you have printed since the ink cartridges were last replaced.


Third party and re-manufactured cartridges often carry the same chip, but aren't as reliable to pick up on when ink levels are low. And even if it did show a low, some compatible ink cartridges have far more ink than originals, so it's worth ignoring the warnings until your ink runs out properly. For more details on compatible ink cartridges, cobtact our support team.


Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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