How to clean your inkjet printer

2014-02-28 15:26:45

Published on 2014-02-28 15:26:45

Many printer users forget about maintenance after the initial excitement of getting a new gadget has passed.

However, making sure that your printer is kept clean will help ensure that it runs and prints to the highest possible quality.


Giving your machine a quick spring clean can usually sort out a number of problems, such as a drop in quality or it not working altogether, saving you a lot of time calling tech support or taking your printer to a specialist. Many machines have built-in cleaning cycles, which you should run regularly and can sort out a number of issues. Once you have done this, you should print a couple of test pages which use all the colours of your ink cartridges. This will ensure that your printer is back up to quality.


If, after a number of attempts of the cleaning cycle, your problem still isn't fixed, you should turn off the printer and let it rest unused for three hours. This can give your machine a chance to work out the problems itself and then try cleaning again. Of course, as well as cleaning inside the printer, you should also make sure that the machine is dust-free and nothing is obstructing its vents.


Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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