How to fix paper jams

2014-03-12 08:42:10

Published on 2014-03-12 08:42:10

Printer jams can often happen, and can cause headaches if you need things printing off in a rush.

If your printer comes with a guidance booklet, you should use it. However, our simple guide should help you if you don't have quick access to these.


For your own safety, the first thing you need to do is turn off the printer. You will need to open the machine up and this can be dangerous if the printer is on, you have no idea what it will do once it has broken and can continue to try and print. Open the printer so you can see where it feeds in the paper, you should start by taking out the feed tray and carefully pull out any bits of paper that you see. Make sure you do this firmly but carefully.


You don't want to cause more problems by having smaller pieces of paper stuck in the printer, but you also don't want to damage yourself or the machine. Once you have done this, and are sure there are no scraps left, close the machine and turn the printer back on.


Posted by Johnny McMaster

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