Printers can be used to make great gifts

2010-02-18 19:20:38

Published on 2010-02-18 19:20:38

Printers can be used to make great gifts

Home users who may be a bit short on cash could use their printers to make special and personalised gifts for friends and family members, it has been suggested.

Using printers to turn computer-generated images and content into hard copies can be much more meaningful than a store-bought gift at times too, according to the Printer Ink Cartridge blog.

"Not only are you going to be giving them a gift which they can treasure, but they may be even happier knowing that you have taken the time to do something special for them," a technology commentator on the site said.

A number of different gifts can be made, with a calendar made up of personal photos or holiday snapshots being the easiest solution, the site continued.

While being a personalised and special gift, printed products such as these will be something that can be cherished as a fond memory and is a relatively inexpensive option for those with a printer, providing a cheap yet perfect gift.

By Elaine Richard

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