Turning off printer saves ink

2010-02-19 17:07:52

Published on 2010-02-19 17:07:52

A leading technology commentator has offered users tips on preserving ink.

Printer users who wonder why their ink cartridges dry up so quickly, even with infrequent use, have been advised to turn off the power to their unit after use in order to save ink.

This is because ink can harden up when left to sit in contact with the air, according to the PrinterInkCartridge blog.

A commentator on the technology site said: "[Users need to start] actually shutting off the printer when not in use. This will have the printer slide the ink cartridges over to the side of the unit, where they will be sealed.

"When they aren't exposed to air, they will have less of a chance of drying out prematurely. The second thing you can do is to frequently use your printer, even if you only print out a single sheet. This will stop the ink from sitting too long in one position and therefore, it will not start to harden up."

By Giles Franklin

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