Printer storage tips revealed in blog entry

2010-03-05 08:00:27

Published on 2010-03-05 08:00:27

Ever come back from a holiday or trip away to find your printer isn't working? Well here's why!

The correct way to stow a printer and its ink cartridges before a long trip away or a long period where it will not be used has been revealed in a handy blog post.

Writing on the If It Prints I'll Let You Know blog, the author suggests a number of essential things to do to avoid causing "great damage" to your printer and even suggests that leaving it sitting "as is" could lead to it not working.

Firstly, the blog suggests removing printer ink cartridges and covering their heads with plastic, before placing tape around them to keep any air out. Then the ink cartridges should be stowed at room temperature.

Secondly, the blog recommends purchasing a printer head cleaning kit to properly clean the heads of the printer, before running the printer until no ink appears on paper.

"Unplug your printer from its power source. Don't simply 'power' it down! Instead, unplug it completely from all outlets," wrote the author.

"These three simple steps can save you a great deal of grief when it comes to storing your printer and keeping it in superior operating order for when you return home."

By Canzil Ahmed

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