No Need to Airbrush All Photos to be Printed with Ink

2010-07-06 11:34:09

Published on 2010-07-06 11:34:09

Keen photo printers have been told that it is not always necessary to edit their pictures to improve their look.

Many individuals use their own printer ink to get hard copies of their photos rather than head to a shop and airbrushing the pictures before printing is also becoming more common.

A blog on If It Prints, I'll Let You Know has highlighted that some digital tweaking is good for removing imperfections in photos, but it may not always be required and could spoil the look of pictures on particular occasions.

The blogger said: "Not all photos are meant to be airbrushed. While it may be okay - even imperative - for 'posed' photos and portraits to receive a little enhancement, let us leave the random photo ops untouched. At the very least, beyond red-eye reduction, one should do nothing more."

One example cited by the blogger is wedding photos becoming too enhanced, which may take away from the nostalgia of the day.

Simon Williams recently wrote for Trusted Reviews that the Canon Pixma ip3600 is good for printing photos.

By Barry Ashmore

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