Teachers Spending Own Money Replacing Printer Ink

2010-07-08 16:04:05

Published on 2010-07-08 16:04:05

Some teachers in the US are opting to purchase their own ink cartridge replacements for the classroom.

The Courier Post reports that some districts have to give permission before a school can purchase replacement goods and this process can be long-winded.

Therefore, many teachers are reaching into their own pockets to ensure their students are not going without essential items.

These include ink cartridges, better quality paper and other materials that are required within lessons.

Rob Hemmes, a business and computer teacher at Glassboro High School, told the publication that he spends approximately $350 dollars each year in keeping his classroom stocked up with equipment.

He said: "I'll buy everything from Rice Krispies Treats and gift cards to ink, mug decals, photo paper and even a gallon of paint to finish our homecoming float."

Meanwhile, another teacher highlighted that at her school, each teacher only gets given two annual cartridges of printer ink.

Teachers may want to ensure they purchase the printer ink suggested as being suitable to their device as superior results can be witnessed over a longer time period, Joel McLaughlin recently wrote on Official Wire.

By Barry Ashmore

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