Ticketmaster Print Charges Criticised

2012-10-22 09:15:33

Published on 2012-10-22 09:15:33

Ticketmaster has been criticised after charging consumers an extra fee if they wish to print off their own tickets.

The company has stipulated a £2.50 charge on those who wish to print off a physical copy of their event ticket on the printer at home, according to Which?

Such a fee is only slightly cheaper than receiving tickets through the post, but the business has countered criticism by saying that there has been a "lack of understanding" regarding agency fees.

A representative claimed: "Without these systems in place, there is a risk that multiple copies of the same ticket could gain access to the event. Our clients do not usually pay Ticketmaster separately for supplying this technology and service."

Ticketmaster sells a wide variety of event tickets, ranging from sports, comedy and drama shows to music concerts.

It also has an American site, offering the same range of event types as the UK equivalent.

Posted by Barry Ashmore

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