Canon PIXMA Hacked to Play Doom

2014-09-22 09:25:01

Published on 2014-09-22 09:25:01

Doom was always a pioneering first-person shooter video game that broke new ground. And now it’s broken more new ground… by being playable on the Canon PIXMA printer.


During talks at the 44Con conference in London, ‘hacker’ Michael Jordon showcased how the Canon PIXMA printer could be compromised. Michael Jordon is the head of research at cybersecurity firm Context Information Security and managed to hack the printer allowing for doom to be played on the information screen. Although this sounds fun, Jordon’s intention was to highlight the vulnerabilities of the system.


Before the hack, the PIXMA’s screen showed information such as ink levels, but Jordon realised he could use this interface to update the machines firmware and then use it to get updates from whatever server he desired and not just Canon’s official server. A malicious hacker could then use this to view what documents were being printed. Furthermore, if a business printer was involved, access to their network would have been possible.


The reason for the project was to highlight unexpected security risks: machines you wouldn’t expect to be hacked could be used to breach networks. “We are not aware of anyone actively using this type of attack for malicious purposes, but hopefully by raising awareness, we can encourage vendors to increase the security of this new generation of devices,” he said.


Canon are working on fixing this security flaw as quickly as possible, saying: “All PIXMA products launching from now onwards will have a username/password added to the PIXMA web interface.


Back in 1993, Doom was a ground breaking videogame. In 2014 it’s still breaking new ground, only this time it is being used by ethical hackers to show the security flaws and vulnerabilities of devices. Who said videogames were a waste of time?


 Posted by Wayne Hogan 

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