Ink Cartridge Manufacturer Fined

2009-12-14 08:58:40

Published on 2009-12-14 08:58:40

An international ink cartridge manufacturing company has been fined £10,000 for failing to comply with legislation regarding packaging waste.

Dynamic Cassette International had failed to register with any environmental compliancy scheme such as the Environment Agency, avoiding fees of £2,562 in that time, reported.

In a statement to the news site, the company said that it recognised the error, but said it had always been committed to recycling.

It added: "One employee's misinterpretation of the rules lead to this unfortunate situation which has now been rectified. Dynamic was able to show conclusively that it is able to support recycling as one of its core business commitments."

The company works in the research and development of ink formulation and packaging design, as well as the manufacturing of ink cartridges.

It reiterated that in the past it had invested more than £800,000 in ventures to reduce packaging by more than 40 per cent.

Boston Magistrates' Court fined Dynamic £8,000 and ordered it to pay £2,058 in costs.

By Ramsey Dehani.

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