Ink Cartridge Recycler Turns Components To Ink Pens

2010-01-20 08:58:09

Published on 2010-01-20 08:58:09

A recycler of Lexmark International's inkjet cartridges has come up with the idea of reusing the cartridges by converting them into ink pens.

The Kentucky-based firm, in the US, has been working with the international printer manufacturer to develop the implements, hoping to take them to market by sometime this year, reported the Lexington-Herald.

Based in Hebron, to the north of the central US state, the company has so far used 84 per cent recycled material, taken from inkjet cartridges, to make the pens.

However, Close the Loop, the firm behind the innovation, said that it is seeking to achieve100 per cent.

Jim Tocash, vice president and general manager of north America for the company, commented on how the idea came about: "We had been storing the ink thinking there had to be ways we could make this ink usable."

He added: "You can turn it into any shape you have a mould for. It's not going to be a little five-cent pen. It would be more toward a roller ball-type pen price."

By Giles Franklin.

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