Local Residents In Ink Cartridge Recycling Drive

2010-01-20 08:49:30

Published on 2010-01-20 08:49:30

The local residents of a small town in the US have set up a recycling drive for ink cartridges in order to prevent any possible heavy metal damage to the environment.

Members of The Walnut Hill Garden Club in Hanover, Massachusetts, have set up the drive to preserve their area's natural splendor.

Other electronic devices such as mobile phones and toner cartridges are also welcomed by the recycling efforts, with stations dotted around the area at the town hall, the Hanover Transfer Station and the area's historic John Curtis Library.

As well as these drop-off centres being set up, volunteers will also head around the town's homes and businesses to collect any used ink cartridges and other electronic equipment

Funds raised by the recycling project will go towards the beautification of the area, as the townsfolk and the members of the garden club fight to protect the flora and fauna of Hanover from heavy metal poisoning caused by the dumping of electronic equipment in landfills.

By Ramsey Dehani.

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