US ink cartridge recycling rate revealed

2010-02-12 16:38:39

Published on 2010-02-12 16:38:39

People are being urged to buy recycled ink cartridges after disposal figures were released

People living in the US are, on average, throwing away a huge number of ink cartridges every day, it has been claimed.

American citizens are throwing approximately one ink cartridge to the landfills every eight seconds, according to a report by Cartridge World USA.

In addition to this, those living in the continent of North America were found to have thrown away a total of 350 million ink cartridges, with the number increasing by 12 per cent each year.

Globally, the study revealed that nearly three quarters of all used printer ink cartridges are being thrown away.

This is despite increasing initiatives from charities, ink cartridge vendors and environmental groups to get users to recycle ink cartridges, with certain stores and groups even offering cash incentives.

Each recycled ink cartridge is thought to be able to save 3.5 pounds of solid waste deposits in landfill sites, as well as removing the risk of toxic chemicals leaking into the environment.

By Ramsey Dehani

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