Ink cartridge manufacturer offers environmental advice

2010-02-17 18:28:35

Published on 2010-02-17 18:28:35

An ink cartridge manufacturer has offered firms environmental advice

A US company that specialises in ink cartridge manufacturing has offered offices and consumers tips on going green.

Brad Roderick, executive vice-president of Inkcycle, said that such things as using recycled copier paper for less important documents could go a long way to save money and toner.

He said that, in order for firms to have a truly environmental outlook it must be a "long-term strategy, not a fad" and the scheme must also "involve and engage the entire office".

Using recycled ink and toner cartridges are also ways in which businesses can drastically and simply cut their carbon footprint, Mr Roderick said, as the environmental impact of the large number of ink cartridges that are dumped every year can be easily reversed by adopting either reusable or recyclable ink cartridges.

Mr Roderick also advised that firms look at every aspect of both their business and their offices and in the materials that not only are used on a daily basis but are used in the building and running of the office, such as flooring that adequately keeps in heat or energy-saving light bulbs

By Ramsey DeHani

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