Chamber of commerce sets toner cartridge recycling example

2010-03-02 18:33:18

Published on 2010-03-02 18:33:18

The Chamber of Commerce for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has launched an environmentally-friendly programme that includes the recycling of toner cartridges.

The Chamber of Commerce for Myrtle Beach (MBACC) South Carolina has launched its Going Green programme, that includes the recycling of toner cartridges.

Offices all over the world are looking to find ways of keeping their carbon emissions as low as possible, but printer ink is one area where sometimes recycling can be difficult, reports.

However, with the help of Fisher Recycling, the MBACC is trying to introduce staff to new and enhanced ways of recycling, by providing access to recycling bins throughout the building, which will be emptied into bigger containers.

In addition to toner cartridges, the programme will include glass, plastics and cardboard, as well as paper and aluminium, and most beneficially, the waste can be gathered together which saves on space and makes it easier for staff to recycle.

Diana Greene of the MBACC told the news provider: "Our recycling is easy, convenient and cost-effective. We'll now be able to use a smaller dumpster for our nonrecyclable trash."

By Mervyn Warren

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