Goodwill could provide ink cartridge recycling opportunity

2010-03-16 15:29:42

Published on 2010-03-16 15:29:42

Goodwill and other such charitable donation facilities are happy to accept old ink cartridges.

Homes and businesses unsure what to do with their old ink cartridges may be interested to hear that Goodwill - the traditional destination of old unwanted items - is happy to accept all electrical items, including ink cartridges.

Ordinarily Goodwill is just where households may take old clothing, books, board games and other suck knick-knacks but a spokesperson from the firm has said they're happy to take old electronics for recycling, reports.

Jason Wiggins, from the company, told the news provider: "An example would be - let's talk about the ink cartridges. A lot of people don't know that the ink cartridges can be used to make manhole covers.

"Anything electronic - we will take it. If we cannot use it or we cannot recycle it at that time, we guarantee we will find a method for it."

This news comes soon after Environmental Business Products (EBP) announced its Support Your School programme which pays each participating school £1 per ink cartridge submitted for recycling.

By Johnny McMaster

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