Nascar Lends Support To Ink Cartridge Recycling

2010-04-19 11:11:33

Published on 2010-04-19 11:11:33

Nascar racing has become the latest major organisation to support the important environmental issue of recycling ink cartridges after it announced it will be expanding the volume of recycling facilities available at race courses.

It has been predicted that approximately 100 tonnes of material, including more than three million containers, from Nascar race tracks will be diverted from landfills and recycled next year.

Dr Mike Lynch, managing director of Green Innovation for Nascar, said: "Nascar and its partners share a strong commitment to preserving the environment, and operating in an environmentally responsible way.

"Each of these Fortune 500 companies are coming together to take on components of the recycling process relevant to their businesses. We want to thank Office Depot, Coors Light and UPS for joining use in this unique and impactful consortium."

This news comes soon after The Drayton Valley Health Services Foundation announced that it aims to recycle ink cartridges and used mobile phones as a way of keeping green and raising funds.

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