Earth Day provides toner cartridge recycling opportunities

2010-04-23 19:19:58

Published on 2010-04-23 19:19:58

Earth Day provides toner cartridge recycling opportunities

Yesterday's (April 22nd) Earth Day provided a brilliant opportunities for businesses and homes across the world to do something positive for the environment and many chose to recycle toner cartridges.

One search firm was OnTrac, which decided to initiate recycling programmes with their customers, by offering to recycle empty or unwanted printer ink and toner cartridges with at no extra cost.

In a statement on their operation, the firm said: "In an era where it's important to monitor our carbon footprint and increase our conservation efforts, it's imperative to be aware of our role in the condition of the environment.

"For instance, did you know that over 375 million empty toner and ink cartridges are thrown into the trash every year and nearly 25 million of those go to landfills each month?"

This news comes soon after a Great Britain rugby league player admitted being the mastermind behind a fake ink cartridge and computer game fraud worth at least £36,000.

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