Printer Ink Companies To Be Helped Onto Green Path

2010-05-04 08:47:24

Published on 2010-05-04 08:47:24

Companies using printer ink cartridges are being offered a fully-funded route to environmental certification through a new scheme backed by the European Regional Development Fund, it has been reported.

According to Print Week, the scheme dubbed EcoPrint London was established to help printers employing fewer than 250 people and with an annual turnover below £50 million gain access to credible green qualifications.

The initiative, which is being spearheaded by a Steering Group of London printers and stakeholders, will provide fully funded assistance to help small companies to show they are carbon smart, added the publication.

John Pulford, chairman of EcoPrint London Steering Group, told Print Week that "this will help them to reap the benefits of taking environmental action".

"It is the smaller companies that find it difficult to find the time and the money to implement environmental certification schemes," added Richard Gray, commercial director of the British Printing Industries Federation and director of the project.

The recently held Earth Day allowed firms and individuals to demonstrate their environment conservation measures, which may have included recycling toner cartridges.

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