Ink Cartridge Recycling Scheme Could Boost Schools

2010-05-10 16:15:07

Published on 2010-05-10 16:15:07

A new recycling scheme, that includes ink cartridges, toner cartridges and other forms of printer ink, targeted at schools across the UK is aiming to raise an additional £5 million of funding for education.

The 'Support Your School' initiative, run in association with Environmental Business Product aims at turning used printer ink and mobile phones from schools into cash.

Allison Parkes, manager of Support Your School, said: "We are keen for more schools to get involved and utilise this second-source of funding.

"We are trying to make the scheme fun for teachers and students to use and have already created things like word searches for teachers to use in class."

This news comes soon after it was revealed that the amount of electrical appliances, including printers and ink cartridges, being hoarded in British homes amounts to £28 billion, enough to pay off one-fifth of the country's record budget deficit, according to a new poll.

By Canzil Ahmed

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