Savings On Ink Cartridges Just Took A Whole New Meaning New Money Saving Ink Tips

2010-06-25 16:31:26

Published on 2010-06-25 16:31:26

Have you ever thought that ink cartridges are just wasted by throwing them away in the bin after use. We have colaborated a few points on ways you can get the most out of your ink cartridges without sending them to the dump.


1. Save on printer ink by simply using less ink. Meaning that don’t print the things you want to. Changing the settings on your printer to print with a low-quality or draft setting will also help. Most of the time, you won't be able to tell the settings have changed. If you do need to print something that needs that touch of quality settings can always be changed. Different print settings can allow a saving on your ink storages. For example changing some of the available settings for different documents, these can range from font settings to draft quality.


2. Another way to save on printer ink is to shop at discount ink websites like These websites offer remanufactured inkjet cartridges at prices discounted to almost 50% less than buying name brand ones. Sometimes, however you will find some printer reading errors with the cartridge which can be fixed. These types of ink cartridges are massively cheaper than the originals so it pays to have a back up compatible to hand and if they both don’t work then you are very unlucky. However, support networks are very good with sorting out your problems.


3. In addition to shopping at discount websites, it’s also possible to recycle your used cartridges and get money back off them. Easy money I hear you say!!!


4. Get offers and saver packs on ink. This is a great way of combining your money and printer ink especially if you use a lot of ink, think long term. Packs like bundle packs for toner cartridges or ink cartridges can eventually save you a lot of money in the long term. Also look out for monthly offers, these are very helpful savings and can help stretch out that cash.


5. Printing parts of documents rather than the whole document can save you great expenses. If for example, you want to print off your favourite website or something for directions and only need a small paragraph copy and paste that section before printing, this ensures you save your ink and your pocket. 6. Printing in different types of font can save you printer ink. From Ecofont, Century Gothic, Franklin Gothic and more commonly used Ariel. Try trying different types of font when you change you ink cartridge, see if your ink lasts longer, this will again long term save you money, and we all know that's what we are mainly interested in.


7. If you’re considering buying a new printer. Research into the type of printer for your needs. Printer Ink on certain printers can be expensive and by looking into this you could save your self a lot of money and hassle in the long run.


If you interested in recycling just get in contact with internet-ink support team via our website.

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