Try recycling your print cartridges

2010-08-20 16:08:59

Published on 2010-08-20 16:08:59

Those looking to dispose of their waste in a more environmentally-friendly way should consider recycling their printer cartridges, it has been claimed.

Boosh News has suggested using this approach in order to cut back on a home or company's carbon footprint.

"You won't feel any guilt that you are contributing to the littering of landfills with spent plastic cartridges," it explained.

It said that there are a number of key tips to keep in mind for those looking to recycle these, the most important of which is knowing the product number of the cartridge.

Shopping online can be a key way to keep down the cost of buying these recycled cartridges and will ensure that pushy shop salespeople do not try and sell one a generic model that may not function properly.

"Your choice to recycle your printer cartridge saves money, and allows you to be environmentally conscious," the website asserted.

The Computers and Technology blog recently listed a number of key tips that can be used to keep a company's ink consumption low, including avoiding printing unnecessary documents.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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