Reducing Waste Saves Firms Money

2011-02-21 08:49:41

Published on 2011-02-21 08:49:41

Firms thinking of introducing green initiatives in the workplace, such as the waste paper from unwanted documents produced from office printers, which use ink cartridges, have been reminded about the financial benefits of doing so.

"Businesses are persuaded by the financial savings they could make by reducing waste," said Sam Jarvis, head of communications at Waste Watch, an environmental charity based in the UK.

This week, members of the Departments for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Business, Innovation and Skills, and Energy and Climate Change met with business leaders for the inaugural Green Economy Council event.

It is working to develop ways in which government and industry can come together to oversee a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy.

But Mr Jarvis said that reducing waste is not just about the money it can save firms.

"At the same time, businesses are increasingly making the environment one of the key factors, as well as looking at how much money and profit they make – they're looking at how they treat their staff and how they treat the planet," he said.

"That's increasingly becoming part of the new business agenda

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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