Demand For Environmentally Friendly Office Equipment

2011-02-22 08:47:18

Published on 2011-02-22 08:47:18

Environmentally-friendly office equipment, such as green printers that use toner cartridges, is set to become more popular in the workplace.

Though the recession may have dented people's commitment to going green, perceived as "an expensive proposition in hard times", according to technology firm Ultraspeed, employees are ready to embrace a more environmental approach to equipment and consumables, like ink cartridges.

"I think that the majority of people are conscious of being green in their personal life and this will inevitably fall over into their work lives as people demand more from their employers," said the firm's chief technology officer, Michael Shanks.

However, businesses thinking of immediately replacing their existing equipment with greener products may be doing more harm than good.

"One thing to bear in mind is the entire environmental impact a product has over its lifetime," Mr Shanks said.

"A lot of the damage to the environment is produced in the manufacturing of the product, so switching equipment before it has served its full potential and swapping for environmental equipment may have a converse effect resulting in an increased environmental impact."

Recently, Ethical IT said that UK firms that recycle their equipment no longer in working use are playing a part in helping developing countries.

"We very much focus on UK recycling because then we've got a pretty good idea that it's not going to end up somewhere in the Third World polluting beaches," said Andrew Boddington, the company's marketing director.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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