Cancer Research Ink Cartridge Recycling Donation From Internet-ink

2012-07-03 11:30:16

Published on 2012-07-03 11:30:16

Internet-ink has made a donation to Cancer Research off £1047.28. Over the years internet-ink has donated over £8000 to Cancer Reasearch as the chosen charity.

Cancer Reasearch's Simon O'Leary mentioned "On behalf of Cancer Research UK I would like to thanks you for your very kind donation raised from customers for sending returning empty ink cartridges. I would be most grateful if you could forward our thanks to all of those who helped generate this satggering sum."

Internet-ink recycles lots of ink cartridges from it's customers. If your ink cartridge comes in the post with a white bag attached please send it back to us and recycle your ink cartridge.

Pete Tobin

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