Samsung CLP 300 Toner Cartridges Launched

2008-09-08 14:41:04

Published on 2008-09-08 14:41:04

 Samsung CLP 300 Toner Cartridges Launched Today

Buy new Samsung CLP 300 Toner Cartridges Here

Our new Samsung clp 300 colour & black toner toner cartridges cost only 65% of a new original Samsung toner cartridge. They are gauranteed to be as good as an original Samsung toner cartridge and give just as many printers per cartridge.

These new compatible Samsung toner cartridges are not a remanufactured cartridge, they are a brand new compatible cartridge that are factory sealed on manufacture.

Compatible with: CLP-300 - CLP-300N - CLP-350 - CLP-350N - CLX-3160 · CLX3160N · CLX-3160FN · CLX-2160 · CLX2160N · CLX-2161K · CLX2161NK Black Developer Cartridges
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