Colour Toner Cartridge May Be Needed For Black Prints

2010-07-22 15:46:44

Published on 2010-07-22 15:46:44

It may be the case that colour ink cartridges need to be installed in a printer, even if the user simply wants to print a black and white job using black ink.

Discussing the subject at Yahoo! Answers, printer user James states that he has a Samsung CLP-310N printer with four separate toner cartridges. Three colour ink cartridges are empty, the remaining one, with black ink, is full.

The printer user explains he simply wants to print a document that contains only black ink, but is stopped by a printer error message that explains the yellow printer cartridge is empty. Therefore the printer fails to print. Reasonably, James wanted to know why this should be the case.

Some feedback has helped to shed some light on the problem. Responding to the question, member Computer Tech suggests it may be the case that some printers in fact have an option to select black print only. The member suggested the way to alter this may be to look at the printer options under the settings menu of the printer. From there it may be possible to print only using black ink.

Epson's technical feedback recommends that a user has replacement ink cartridges stored away at all times so that they would never be without a functioning printer.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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