Samsung Xpress M2875FW Awarded Excellent Rating

2013-09-27 15:53:37

Published on 2013-09-27 15:53:37

The Samsung Xpress MS875FW has been deemed as excellent by PCMag.

The machine was praised for being able to print, scan, fax and copy, while its Ethernet and Wi-Fi technology was also commended by writer David Stone.

However, Mr Stone admitted the machine's lack of additional paper handling options are a drawback.

He explained that the machine can be a good fit as a heavy-duty personal MFP or a shared printer in a small office or workgroup.

"Its particular balance of speed, output quality, paper handling, MFP basics, and small conveniences - like Wi-Fi Direct and the ability to copy single-sided originals to double-sided copies -adds up to the proverbial more than the sum of its parts," Mr Stone noted.

He admitted the machine may not be suitable for PowerPoint presentations, but claimed pictures are good enough to print recognisable images from images on web pages, potentially making them good enough for photos in newsletters and handouts.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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