Xerox In Toner Shortage

2009-12-18 09:26:37

Published on 2009-12-18 09:26:37

Global printing giant Xerox has been experiencing a toner cartridge shortage, affecting the users of the Xerox 700 printer.

Toner for the model has been in short supply worldwide over the past couple of weeks, with many printer users unable to use their machines for periods of up to seven days, reported Printweek.

Peter Vincent, head of technical services at the British Printing Industries Federation, told the site that he had spoken to the company and "been given direct assurance by Xerox that things will be back to normal by the end of next week (December 25th)".

He added: "I don't know why they were caught out, but I have made it clear to them they need to make sure their own people are giving the truth and consistent messages."

While the company has not given reasons for the diminutive supply of Xerox 700 toner, the news site reported losses of £5,000 for the firm through the shortage.

By Giles Franklin.


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