Laser versus ink jet Which is a better investment

2010-02-12 16:41:44

Published on 2010-02-12 16:41:44

Ink jet and laser printers are compared, but which is a better investment

A printer and ink cartridge commentator has discusses which form of printer is a better investment for consumers.

Whereas ink jet printers are usually the preferred choice among users, as they are initially cheaper to purchase, laser printers are usually faster, more efficient and last for longer, according to the PrinterInkCartridge blog.

However, while ink cartridge printers work at a slower pace to laser jet, they are typically very reliable.

While laser printers are better for printing larger documents in a hurry there are other things to consider, the technology commentator said.

"The only catch with a laser printer is that it needs to warm up first, which can take a few minutes. If you only need a few sheets, an ink jet may be able to give you a single sheet faster.

"The colours on a laser printer are also often not as defined as with an ink printer. You may be able to get better depth and range with the ink cartridges over the limited amount that a laser printer can target," he added.

While the choice is a basic one, deciding on the printer that is right for the specific needs of a consumer can save both time and money.

By James Armitage

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