Toner Cartridges of Laser Printers Better for Intermittent Users

2010-07-06 11:51:14

Published on 2010-07-06 11:51:14

Less frequent users of printers may find themselves having the most to gain by choosing a laser printer over an inkjet alternative, despite their more hefty price tags, it has been stated.

A blogger has written for Boosh News that maintenance can be costly and constant with inkjet printers as ink cartridges can dry up quickly and printheads may become clogged if the device is not regularly used.

However, it is noted that because laser printers user toner cartridges, these problems are not so common.

The blogger said: "The laser printer uses dry toner powder that could be utilised until such time that the toner cartridge runs out of toner powder. So even if the printing load is intermittent, the user is guaranteed a supply of fresh laser prints all the time."

It was added that toner supply does have an expiry date, but on most occasions this tends to be three years and it is highly unlikely that they will be stored for this length of time.

Meanwhile, HP recently launched its 'LaserJet Pays You Back' campaign, informing individuals and businesses of the cost benefits of owning and using a laser printer.

By Johnny McMaster

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