Illegal Printer Ink Cartridges Crackdown in Abu Dhabi

2010-08-12 09:19:46

Published on 2010-08-12 09:19:46

Laser ink cartridges counterfeiters have been arrested in Abu Dhabi after police seized 2,500 illegal laser ink cartridges. According to, the city police's Anti-Organised Crime Department sprang into action after hearing about the seizure.

Dr Colonel Rashid Mohammad Bu Rasheed, of the department, said an illegal trade in printer ink cartridges was clearly in operation, and the company responsible were probably copying European printer ink versions. The two men, arrested after a police raid, confessed to the counterfeiting.

According to the news provider, Dr Rasheed said that the illegal trade of printer ink cartridges had become "an international nuisance affecting many firms". He said ultimately it is the customer that is most affected because the quality of the product is very poor indeed. Always buy from recognised companies, Dr Rasheed said.

Last month it was claimed that the counterfeit product trade is costing manufacturers £4 billion a year.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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