Ink and Toner Its the Little Differences

2010-09-03 09:12:37

Published on 2010-09-03 09:12:37

How does printer ink and toner differ?

According to, it is important for businesses and individuals to know exactly what the difference is between these two types of printer material so they can maintain their IT systems properly.

The blog defines ink cartridges as being like paper and a pencil. Here printer ink comes in a liquid form, and a simple process sees the ink transmitted to paper via one of the wells in the machine. Additionally, some inks are water-based, while some still use oil. Ink cartridges are easy to replace, widely available and are functional and compact.

Toner is a carbon-based material, dry to touch, that uses polymer. Printers use a laser to transfer toner to paper, with heat melting the toner cartridge compound. Every printer ink maker develops its own compositions for toner, the site says, often resulting in what it calls "beautiful particles" in final resolution.

Users may find that toner cartridges are the better choice for printing documents in bulk.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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