Cleaning a Printer Regularly Makes Huge Difference

2010-09-13 08:53:56

Published on 2010-09-13 08:53:56
It is not a difficult job, although it is certainly not all that enjoyable, but printer ink users who regularly clean their printer will see that it makes a massive difference to the quality, output and longevity of their device. According to, users should also bear costs in mind, because regular cleaning can mean that less parts get broken, thus less bits have to be purchased as replacements.

The most important thing to do in preparation for printer cleaning is to always read through any literature provided by the manufacturer. This will contain any information you'll need to know in advance of cleaning, and will help you to avoid affecting the printer's warranty.

First, switch the printer off and disconnect it from the mains. Then take out the toner cartridges and printer ink cartridges from the printer – and watch out for printer ink spillage. Keep some towels to hand if this happens.

In general, don't use standard household washing products, especially ammonia-based ones, because they can damage the printer. Just use a small amount of a cleaning product (like printer cleaning ink). Pour it onto a clean, dry cloth, not directly onto the machine. Then, simply, clean around the inside, ensuring any dust and toner (that can get clogged up) is removed. Finally, clean the outside of the printer with a dry, clean cloth.

The website also recommended ensuring the roller and glass is dusted and cleaned at least four times a year.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.
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